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1. to the greatest degree
2. farthest away: most remote
3. far from what is usual
4. exceeding the ordinary, usual, or expected 


Our Team

Jeny & Wayne.jpg

Wayne and Jeny

The Monson's started visiting Guatemala in 1989 and eventually moved to Antigua, Gua in 1993. They are the founders and full time missionaries.

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Joshua and Ada

Joshua visited Guatemala as a pre-teen in 1989, lived in Guatemala with his parents and then after completing his studies and serving as a pastor in the USA returned to work as a full time missionary. Ada, grew up in Guatemala, studied in Argentina where she received her degree Theology, and is in missions full time, along with raising their two sons, Giovanni and Ian.



After finishing his Theology degree with an emphasis in missions, Andres has joined EMI as a missionary and also works with other ministries as a translator.


Jorge and Luis

Jorge oversees all of our construction projects. Luis is his assistant and welder.


David L’Heureux

David has been with us since the beginning of EMI. He is currently our treasurer and also helps oversee our accounting service.


What We Do




Pastoral House Construction Projects


Food GIve-Outs




Women’s Events


Church Construction Projects


Children’s Ministries



Get Involved

People just like you are waiting for the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We have a few areas for you to get involved! Find out more information using the tabs below.


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